About OMIC

Message from Jim Denham

On behalf of the member companies of the Oregon Metals Industry Council (OMIC), I want to welcome you to the OMIC website and introduce you to the activities of our organization.

OMIC was founded in 1993 to provide metals companies in Oregon with a unified voice on issues of specific concern to the industry. Currently, eight companies are full-voting members of the Council. OMIC’s activities are focused on public policy issues that arise in the Oregon Legislature and before state and local regulatory agencies, most notably, the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Since its inception, OMIC has become a major force in public policy issues related to environmental regulation, taxation, energy, transportation, research and development and workforce development.

The member companies of OMIC are leaders in the metals industry in this state. They produce a vast array of products for the domestic and international markets. These range from jet engines to surgical implements, bridges to pipelines, heavy trucks to railway cars.

OMIC retains the Salem based government affairs firm, Public Affairs Counsel LLC, to provide lobbying, research and association management services. Elsewhere on this website is a link to the 2003 OMIC Legislative Report which will give the reader a flavor for the range, complexity and importance of the public policy issues that OMIC takes on.

As the only organization in Oregon that is solely dedicated to protecting the economic interests of the primary metals companies and related metals entities, I invite you to join our organization and support our efforts.

Jim Denham
Wah Chang
President, OMIC